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welcome; (f.a.q & resources) 
Sep. 5th, 2007 @ 01:25 pm
Welcome to murdermachine!
This is the icon and such journal of vertebra.

The most simple rules of this community are that you must credit me when you use my icons. Textless icons are not bases, but if you would like to use one as a base, ask me. All posts are public.


Can I use your overrides?
Only if you credit me. In your profile or the layout itself, but somewhere. I'll rip and flip a shit if you steal any of my layouts.

Can I use your textless icons as bases?
Only if you ask me privately. In an email and/or an IM. I'm sorry, but my textless icons are not meant to be bases, please don't treat them as if they were.

Will you ever do tutorials?
I might, this is still an undecided thing for me.

Will you ever become friends only?
This will only occur if people fail to credit; Or if they fail to comment when taking icons, especially if it's consistent. But it shall for the time being, remain public. So please comment when taking and credit when using.

Can I request icons or graphics from you?
Only when and if I hold a request period; Or post a request entry.

    ( old resource list )

god's girls
suicide girls
lolz!camera photography
● various fansites (if you are curious which, contact me)


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